Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey Mama

As I mentioned earlier Buddy has two favorite new words to say "Hey Mama" He says it everywhere he goes or I go. He likes to check to see EXACTLY where I am. This past Sat I was mixing up our pizza dough and ran out of flour so I went downstairs to retrieve another bag. He followed my down the stairs "Hey Mama". I'm not so sure he was coming down to help with the flour but to see if there were any other Christmas presents to be found by him. Unfortunately for him no such luck. I got the bag of flour and headed back up the stairs. He was following, but the pizza dough was calling so I continued into the kitchen. I waited a few minutes and then went over and shut off the light and shut the door.

A couple of minutes later I heard "Hey mama" which I responded with "Buddy I'm right here". And then another "Hey mama" "Hey mama" "Yes honey what do you need?"

"Hey mama, Hey Mama, HEY MAMA"

It is at that point that Lovergirl says "Mommy, he's locked in the basement"


I look through the cat door to see pudgy little fingers holding a screwdriver. Apparently about 1/4 of the way up the stairs he decided to go look for some tools. He's a lightweight so I never hear him coming up the stairs. I heard him playing and assumed it was in the toy room or living room. No instead I shut him in the basement!!!!
Now though when I say "come on, time to go back upstairs" he follows...QUICKLY!


Mama H said...

Oh my if he didn't scream!!!!!! Very brave, mellow boy indeed. :) A simple HEY MAMA was all he needed. So cute. :)

TracyMichele said...

HAHA. Last weekend the Littles and Babe were banging on the drums in the sound proof drum room. They were gone for eh.. about an hour and I went to check on them. They were all just sitting there on the floor.. Bean had locked them all in there and I never heard them yelling for me. LOL. It was the most productive one hour of my life. hehe.