Friday, September 19, 2008

Down a Christmas Present

DH found some tonka trucks for Buddy at a yard sale. 4 construction type vehicles and 2 fire engines. So he picked them up. We gave him the construction ones, and hid the fire engines. This boy has a spectacular ability to find thing (and we apparently have lost the ability to hide things). We hid the two fire engines in D's office (which is in the basement), way in the back under a table, up against the back wall of the basement. He found them. Today. "DA, DA, DA" as he spotted the shiny red. He got down on his belly, scooted ALL the way under the table to the very back (dern him being so skinny!) and pulled them both out. He was SO excited. I was hoping for that excitement on Christmas morning, NOT on Sept 19th. He's not one that we can hide them again and hope he forgets about them. He KNOWS they are down there and will hunt and cry until we drag them out. (DAYS on end) So now on to re-do my Christmas list for him.


Mama H said...

Hilarious. We always take the KIDS APPRACH check...get down on our knees to see if anything can be 'found' with little eyes...hahaha! (We learned the hard way like you did...hahaha!)

Mandy said...

so funny! I have several Christmas presents hidden in the trunk of my car, because they would be discovered if I brought them inside my house. Last week as I was loading the groceries into my car, my oldest son saw something, and asked what was in my trunk. . .I quickly threw a blanket over the toys, and said it was just the groceries, but I could tell he didn't really believe me. Guess I'll have to move them, now.