Saturday, September 27, 2008

By the numbers

Five ~ the number of people who live in this house
Four ~ how many times I've taken the kids to the pediatricians in the last three weeks
Three ~ weeks that someone has been sick
Three ~ children who have had Hand Foot & Mouth
Two ~ children who currently have a cold (Trible & Buddy which they got from Lovergirl)
One ~ weird Rash that no one knows what it was on Lovergirl
One ~ daddy who threw out his back
One ~ mommy who had some weird throat infection
One ~ trip to the Urgent care when a little boy split his head open


Country Mouse said...

Time for some good news from the C house!!! :)

mykids4hisglory said...

Oh Laurie! Hearing it here and there didn't make it sound so horrible!!!
I'm so sorry...hopefully the worse is behind you!

Mama H said...

I thought I linked my comment last night...??..but apparently it didn't go through...?? I was saying last night...all of your stories just solidifies the fact that 1,999,999,999,999 healing kisses have been given in your home. Not a bad thing at all. :)

Judy/teach6athome said...

Oh, my, the life of a mommy! Hope things start looking up!