Friday, July 15, 2011

Never a good sign

It's the day before Buddy's 5th birthday.  I should be cooling the beginning of a Lightning McQueen cake.

I'm obviously not.

Why you ask?   Ah simple.  The pan holds 1-1/2 cake mixes.  I the brilliant mom, only purchased one.  ONE.  I could have a cake with no wheels.  That might not go over well.

Fine, I'll color the fondant while husband picks up the 2nd cake mix on his lunch break.

The store near him does not have said cake mix that I need (I refuse to mix flavors!).

I also discover that I do not have red food coloring to color the fondant.

Brilliant I tell you.  So now husband will stop at another store on his way home to pick me up some red food coloring (Lightning McQueen must be red afterall).  I will be heading to yet another store, to pick up the 2nd cake mix and some ice cream (ooo and I just remembered we need plastic forks & spoons!)

This does not give me high hopes in how this cake is going to turn out!

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