Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Even if you fight?

The family has started a new family Bible to read at night.  We have read the Jesus Storybook Bible so many times the kids are beginning to be able to recite parts of it.  We wanted something more...something with questions that related to what we read.  Starting points for conversations.  Sometimes I just can't come up with a question just before bed time, and at breakfast?  No way! 

Just last week we started this one... Mighty Acts of God.  I have to say, I like it.  There are about four questions to go with each story.  The first night we read every question.  Mistake with a 3 and 5 year old!   Emma was 'in' to it, but the other two were not by the end.  So now we scan the story and questions while the kids are brushing their teeth so we have an idea of what the story is, and what questions would best pertain to our kids. 

On Saturday evening I was reading with the kids while D was out speaking at a youth event, and it talked about God's covenant with Abraham, and how a covenant was a special relationship.  In the story it touched on how a marriage is a covenant ~ a special relationship ~ and more than just a promise.  I explained to the kids that Daddy and I have a covenant that we would always be married.  ALWAYS.  Emma spoke up and said "Even if you fight?"  

"Yes, even if we fight"  

Then came the statement "Well you've never had a fight about something"  

Wrong.  I explained that we had disagreed about things plenty of times.  She was surprised.  

"Well it must have been before I was born"  

*snicker*  yeah cause in the last 8 years there wasn't a single thing we disagreed on! 

Oh honey!  It was very eye opening to Emma, that even though her daddy and I had disagreed on several things in the last 10 years ~ including the years AFTER she was born, it didn't change the fact that we made a covenant to always be married.  We would work through our disagreements (like when I tell them to 'work it out') and pray and ask for forgiveness of each other.  It was such an eye opening conversation for her.  She realized that yes, indeed her parents are sinners that don't always think the same thing!  But she also saw, that despite the fact that we don't always agree on things, we would always be married.  

We would always be together.  

Even if we fight.   

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