Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's not that I don't want to write...

I'm finding it hard to sit and write.  Maybe it would help my heart?  Not sure.

I miss Djemson and Sophia.  I love seeing all that photos that friends, and mission teams are taking while they are in Haiti.  I hate watching my kids grow up in pictures though.  We are waiting on one piece of paper for our Dossier and then we are in the running around stage getting everything stamped and such.  I called today to follow up on that one piece of paper ~ and the person insisted she sent it 'weeks ago', but it was only 2 weeks ago that we were there to see her.  Funny, I think she never mailed it.

There has been such a giant gap here....
Lovergirl's birthday.  She's 8.  EIGHT  I'm not so sure I'm ready for her to be 8.  Nevermind when she said the other day "You know I'm almost 9"  Yeah...YOU ARE NOT! 

The end of preschool for buddy.  My little guy who never spoke a word till he was 2-1/2 completed his first year of preschool and loved every day of it!  He is looking forward to next year.

The end of the school year for Lovergirl ~ she's going into the 3rd grade!  Please lets make time stop!  She struggled so much on the last day of school.  She just loved 2nd grade, her friends and teacher.  When she got off that bus the last day she burst into tears.

The little princess is enjoying having her sister and brother around every day.  She's trying new things, getting into loads of trouble, is completely potty trained (WOO HOO!!) and is looking forward to her first year of preschool in the fall. 

And now we're in the groove of summer.  Going to the beach with friends.  Stopping at all sorts of playgrounds to just run and play.  Library story hour and crafts.  Riding our bikes, and family walks.  I'm really soaking up this summer, as I feel like I completely missed last summer.  I was still too much in recovery mode.  We have hiking and camping, and picking berries on our list of summer fun.  Here's hoping we have some blogging ideas from it all!

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