Friday, March 4, 2011

Talking you off the ledge.

Sometimes you need to just be talked off the ledge.  I needed that this week.  I needed someone to just listen.  And understand what I'm saying.  I got that this week from Mama H  I've since set about to work on some fund raising things we needed to get done.  Instead of looking at the big picture, I could break it down into steps.  I could trust God with that big number.  It really is out of my control.  I can't let it haunt me.  I can't let it dictate what I do.  Realistically HAVING that money does NOTHING for me, if our Dossier isn't completed.  I need to do the things I'm in control of.  Thanks Mama H for our conversation this week.  I really needed that.

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Mama H said...

Aaawww....I'm just now seeing this! So you SO WELCOME, MY DEAR!!! :)