Monday, February 28, 2011

We need the money.

Yes, folks, that's right.  We need the money.  Another 8 thousand dollars.  I feel like that is just staring me in the face constantly!  So I've been trying some things out to see if I can help raise that amount.  I know, I'm not going to make the full amount selling necklaces, bracelets and soaps.  Oh how that would be 

This is a memory-wire bracelet I made, and sold with in 1 day of posting on my facebook.  One day!  I love the fun colors of it, and will be making more (and definitely one for myself)

 And then there is this one...2 strands of green, yellow, and white.  So fun, and it makes me dream of summer!  I'd like to make a bracelet to match.

 And this beauty.  AH.  I love this!  Aqua with green flecks, multi-strand.  This took a lot more work then I anticipated, but I do love it! 

All that to say ~ I'll be adding a store soon.  VERY SOON.  I need to get these all up and selling someplace.  Having them hang on my bulletin board isn't getting me very far. 

I've also made some soaps ~ and sold out of some very quickly.  (YAY!)  Love that.  People have been giving me items that have been hand made to sell also, which I think is just wonderful. 

All for bringing our kids home from Haiti.

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