Thursday, March 10, 2011

The perks of the flu

This week our family has been hit with the flu.  The test-you-with-a-nasal-swab, the-nurses-all-put-on-masks-every-time-they-enter-the-room-flu.  The you-need-antiviral-meds-flu. 

I'm tired.

I didn't even get the flu.

Everyone else did. 

Three family members tested.  Three positives.  Hindsight if we had asked to have the 4th family member tested Sunday night I think we would have had a positive then. 
Through all of the sitting up with kids at night in a steamy bathroom, dosing tylenol and motrin, soaking cloths in cold water for foreheads, washing laundry, and driving ALL.OVER. the area we live in to find the meds I have to say I'm thankful.

I'm thankful that I could find the last dose of tamiflu for the princess.  I'm thankful that I drove by an Amato's and was able to grab some lunch.  I'm thankful that we have quick cares and doctors that I can walk into and get care for my kids and husband.  I'm thankful for gingerale and gatorade.  And Lysol.  Lysol is my friend.  I am appreciating Nick Jr & the Disney Channel.  We've watched a lot of that lately.  LOTS and LOTS of TV. 

Yes, there are dirty blankets that need to be washed.  Yes there was poop on the couch (it's since been cleaned).  Yes, the princess was coughing so hard, she choked and puked on me.  THREE times.  Yes, she even did that in her bed on a different night.  So I changed her sheets THREE times.  Yes, there is a plastic grocery bag in the middle of the living room for everyone to deposit their dirty tissues in.  Frankly you can't even walk through the living room at this point with everyone sprawled all over the place.  They even took to laying on the cooler floor to help with the fever. 

What hit me the most though was looking at the calendar and realizing we're almost 1 year from my aneurysm.  I'm NOT supposed to be here.  At least by what the surgeon said.  I'm so thankful that God's plan was so different.  That even in the mess that this week has been (and it has completely turned my week upside down) I can see that God has a wonderful plan.  I'm thankful to be here, to wipe noses, and eat toast all week.  To stumble out of bed every hour at night because someone is fussing.  To just be nurse mom. 

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