Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A good appointment day

Today was Buddy's follow-up with his neurologist. This is what started our journey down the road of neurology. Then the abnormal EEG, and a subsequent normal MRI. Today though we got the 'all clear' to wait another year before we head back to see him. I'm thrilled. That's one less Dr we have to follow-up with, schedule appts around school hours, and more. And best of all...Buddy said "Thank You" to him as we were leaving. YES. See he does talk Dr M! Thank goodness for all our CDS reports to hand him.
When we got home there was a message from our therapist that OT was coming today and she forgot to call us. AHHH...that has the potential to put him over the age.
I told Buddy "Lynn called and said she's bringing Sara" "O-TAY MOMMMMMY" *SWEET!* Seriously he chatted Sara's ear off. Lynn and I were SHOCKED. He NEVER talks to any of the other therapists. I however, am learning, set no expectations for him and he'll adjust much better. He showed her his toys, he played football and basketball with her and just about ignored his sweet friend Lynn. All good though as Sara gave us some GREAT things to do with him to help him get his Sensory Input he craves ~ especially on rainy days when he can't get outside and swing or push he me-mar (lawn mower) around.

A good appointment day indeed.

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