Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach! Beach! Beach!

Saturday morning was met with glorious weather here. The sun was shining....not too hot...a little breeze to keep the misquitos away (although not all the bugs). So we set to work cleaning up some flowers in our yard. I'm not talking weeding here folks. I mean wripping the flowers and the 3 inches of dirt below them OUT.OF.THE.GROUND. The flower was invasive and with any luck we got it up. Plus because this flower grows so tall, so fast the area had not been raked in years I would suspect. A haven for worms...and whatever else was living there. It was always very damp, and yucky. I picture a nice chair, or hammock under this gigantic oak tree in future summers....not tall invasive flowers.
The kids were great. They helped pull flowers, they washed the car and van, the played on their newly expanded swingset...for at least two hours. Did I mention it was GLORIOUS?!?!?!

Just about the time the younger two were getting up from their nap I suggested to hubby we hit a favorite sandwich spot and then the BEACH! Lovergirl has been BEGGING to go especially since her bathing suit came in the mail. So off we went!
First good!
The kids weren't as thrilled with their sandwhiches, as we were. Although I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that they dropped them in the sand. (Mental note ~ need to re-teach children how to sit on the blanket at the beach so the sand isn't flying)

They wanted to do this:

That is MY daughter...IN the MAINE water. In JUNE!!!!

I took a little girl down to see what big sister was doing....and there was NO fear of the cold water. (Yes that's me...freezing my feet in the water)

I have a pretty firm grip on her as the child has NO fear of the water. She wanted in!

Please, please let me go play!

And then there was this little man...

And what remains of the sand castle daddy built for them.

Looking forward to many more beach days this summer! Hopefully by August I'll have them retrained in proper sitting at the beach so sand isn't flying. Between now and then I apologize in advance if you happen to be near us :)

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Mama H said...

There is nothing worse that beach sand all over EVERYTHING! (Including food...uuhhh!)

The pictures were make MY ankles ache so I can only imagine how YOU must have felt being IN the water! HAHAHAHA.