Friday, June 12, 2009


I do still exist. Honest I do. See? *waves hi to you all* See we have about 5-1/2 days of school left and I'm running like a crazy woman. Summer is short here in Maine and I'm desperately trying to cram in all the kids appts, meetings, etc in just a short period of time so we can enjoy what part of summer there really is. With any luck when that happens I'll be better about putting some things up here.
First off ~ my title of room mom, and teacher's helper are about putting me over the edge. Do me a favor ~ if the room mom calls you and leaves you a message about helping out at a party and you can not...please do her the courtesy of just calling her back and leaving your regrets that you can not. She'd really like to know. She will not judge you (she better not anyway). Trust me...she'd much rather know, then guess and leave the teacher hanging in limbo wondering if we're going to have snacks for our mexican fiesta.
Secondly ~ if the teacher wants to make a slide show and said above room mom offers to scan in photos of your lovely beautiful darling child GET HER THE PICTURES. Do not wait until the week BEFORE the slide show. How hard is it to dig out two photos of your pride and joy and send them to school so the room mom can spend one evening scanning in photos instead of every couple of nights for two weeks?

Some other things happening:
Lovergirl announced that she thinks she looks better with out glasses. SIGH. Yeah, that was hard :( She said to me "Why am I the only one in our family that needs glasses?" Broke my heart. She knows that there is something wrong with her eyes. Oh how I wish I could fix it for her, but glasses are the best I know how (and the dr at this point and maybe forever). I'm so glad we have the technology to make nice thin lenses for her, so no one can tell really how bad her eyes are just by looking (her prescription is +4.25 in each eye...when I look thru her glasses I just about get sick).
Buddy is not on board with my potty training idea. He thinks I've lost my mind. "POTTY?" and then he runs away. I'm not pushing it. He's literally done everything in his life late, why should this be any different?
We have found a preschool for our little man. 40 min away. I'm not looking forward to that drive twice a week. However, it really will be the best for him and hopefully we can head off some things before they grow out of control. We don't know if his choosing to not talk to people is just his natural way of doing everything late considering he was a year behind in his speech, and he's just now noticed the world around him ~ like ants on the ground, or a butterfly fluttering thru the yard. Or if he's purposely choosing to not communicate ~ which is called selective mutism. If it is selective mutism it can get worse, to the point where he communicates (verbally or otherwise) with no one. We also announced to his caseworker we had absolutely no intention of placing him in kindergarten when he was 5, so as long as we all understood that now. Thankfully his SLP is awesome and she agreed. 110%
And another thing (oh wow...rant???) if you see us, and you say hi to my son and he does not not give me a dirty look. See above selective mutism or being a year behind. I seriously am thinking about not telling people how old he really is. No one would EVER expect an almost 2 year old to say hi to the person bagging our groceries, or a stranger standing in line. Please do not expect him to. I'm done explaining it to people who I will never see again b/c if he hears me say "he's shy" or "he doesn't like talking" then he thinks it's ok. How do I know that? He says to me "I shy" or "I no like talking" Brilliant Laurie. Brilliant. He's really a super-smart boy who will do things in his own time. Don't put timelines on my son.
Little Trible is growing like a weed. She's a tall thin little peanut who tries to run, but her feet can not keep up with the rest of her. That has resulted in a few bumps, cuts, and bruises. She prefers to be outside vs inside. Since big brother is going to preschool in the fall (and the state is paying me to transport him) Trible is going to go to Kindermusik type class. (It's not exactly Kindermusik, b/c again we live in Maine and well it might as well be the end of the earth. Oh is) What they pay me a week works out to be just a tiny bit more than her class once a week for 10 weeks (I think I get $18 a week, her class is $17) Plus we have some spare weeks when there is no class, so we'll go to open gym at a local gymnastics facility, and then the other day we'll go to story hour just down the road. I'm going to try and make it as fun as possible for her, b/c really...who wants to spend that much time on the road even if they do have a cool mama?
In amongst all this, I'm keeping up with know meals, housework, enjoying the warm weather. Ready for summer...when we can slow down a little. Enjoy some time at the beach. Maybe go camping for the weekend. Fun. Family Stuff.


Anonymous said...

My seven year old daughter has selective mutism as well. I created a website (still learning how to design properly), you can check it out at

There is hope for a fairly normal life at School, my daughter actually gave an oral presentation of a project last week! She was put on a low dose of Sertraline (Zoloft) in November of last year.

I hope that you can post a success story in the future. My daughter had a very limited social life. Last fall she practically never left the house.

A Voice for selective mutism.

Mama H said...

BUSY MAMA, INDEED!!!! Not to add to your plate but you do have a Bible Study coming right up as didn't mention it...oh come on, one more thing on your list won't hurt....hahaha. *WINK* (I honestly don't know how you do it all.)