Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All the Hair you can Spare.

Lovergirl participated in an "All the Hair You can Spare" event last night at our local baseball teams stadium. In exchange for donating 8+ inches of hair we got two free tickets to the game, a hat supporting our team....oh and an AWESOME hair cut.
Arriving at the stadium....hey....who is that sneaking in our picture???

Getting ready to cut it all off.
Emma and her stylist Chloe;

whoa! Looking cute!

Drying and Styling...that tickled, and tickled!

Checking herself out in the mirror!

Posing with her hair!

We made our way to our seats. Hey?!! Who is that?

Fried Dough.....YUMM!!!!


Back where we started!


Country Mouse said...

SHE looks SOOO sassy and cute and I love how you "stalked" Mama H and her fam. in your pics! Loved it! :) hee hee hee

Mama H said...

Aaaaah! I love the picture of E and PQ!!! I had NO IDEA (obviously) that you were taking a picture of us on the field! HILARIOUS!!!

I do love E's hair! She's looks BEAUTIFUL. I love the bob style. Very cute!!! She should be VERY proud of herself. What an awesome thing to do!!!