Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where do they learn?

Where does a child learn to close his eyes when you open his door when he's never shared a room before?
Or suddenly that he doesn't like crust on his bread?

To hide behind the curtains (funny to see him back there though with his little legs sticking out).
Where do little girls learn to flash smiles at their daddy in order to melt his heart?
Or a little boy learn to give his mama a sticky smooch?

While some of things aren't so fun (like trying to get him to suddenly eat crust again), others just really are the sweetest, sweetest thing.

What's your favorite?


H.Wilson said...

I love how when I walk into the kitchen and see food on the floor...i say "Liam why is your lunch on the floor?" and he response..."I love you mommy?" yes, as a question...

where did he get that?

Mama H said...

I think the girly smile towards her Daddy is my's so true....sometimes that smile can melt a heart...I know I learned how to do it to my own Dad when I was a little girl.