Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Songs ~ Come sing with us!!??!?!?

It is no secret in this house that this mommy has a new love. Thats right. I said it. LOVE. My new Travis Cottrell Christmas CD Ring the Bells. It's AMAZING. I play it loud and often. Lovergirl has quickly picked up on the songs and has been singing it with me. As I was in the middle of my obsession getting in the Christmas spirit the other evening we were again listening. Miss LG was singing away to "In The First Light" when we hit the chorus:
Hear the angels
As they're singing on the morning of His birth
But how much greater is salami
When He comes again, When He comes again,

D stopped her RIGHT there. WHAT? "How much greater what was the next part?"

She very matter-of-factly replied "Is salami when He comes again, When He comes again"

Yes we did correct her that it should be "But how much greater WILL OUR SONG BE when He comes again, When He comes again"

However, for probably the next 20 years when I sing this song, very quietly you will hear me say "is salami" *giggle*


Country Mouse said...

Oh she is HYSTERICAL :) I NEEEEEEEDDDD to get that CD as my new Christmas CD :) :) NEED IT! :)

Karen T. said...

Laurie, that is too totally cute!! :)
I will let you know about VBS! Also did you know we have a movie night on Nov. 21rst at 6:30? We are not suppose to tell advertise which movie...but can say it is a Disney movie. Let's just say it's about a robot and it comes out on DVD like next Tuesday... Free popcorn, candy and soda! :)
Have a great day! Love, Karen

Mama H said...

Without a doubt...HILARIOUS!!!

Do you want to bring the CD over to my house so we can sit and look at my tree (before Thanksgiving)? HAHAHAHA...seriously, you're always welcome!!

mykids4hisglory said...

That is a GREAT story!!! I LOVE making up my own lyrics. DH makes fun of me ALL THE TIME!! LOL!

TracyMichele said...

HAHAHA. Meme's mix up was with "My Savior Lives".. he kept singing "Save my lips". I could NOT figure out what song he meant. LOL.