Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok I'll admit it...

I don't like fall. There I said it. I don't particularly care for fall. It's almost a sin to live in Maine and not like fall I know. The apples, the leaves, the crisp air. Yes, I like the apples, sure the leaves are pretty. I enjoy a sweater from time to time and warm fuzzy socks. I can get all those things on a weekend visit! All the leaves, except the oak leaves, have fallen off the trees. Which means my lawn needs to be raked. The oak ones will attempt to hang on for a LONG time I'm afraid. And they're not pretty any more...they are brown. BLECH. And so I stand looking out my front door (and it's dark by now at 6:35 pm) and realize that yes all this will soon be covered up. The grass will be gone. My husband will be excited with the first sign of snow. *eye roll* That there is the OTHER reason I don't like fall. Winter is next *shudder*

I think I'd like to be a bear...hibernating is good!!!

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TracyMichele said...

Hrm.. you sound an awful lot like me.... the month before we moved to Nashville! LOL.

(funny note.. I used *shudder* today in a post. We are spending too much time chatting. LOL)