Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not ready...

to pack away the special newborn items forever.
for my baby to crawl across the floor like she's desperately trying to do.
to not smell that newborn head again for a LONG time.
to no longer practice my swaddling skills.
to not have a baby to snuggle in with for the night

YaYa (as Buddy calls her) is growing up. And so reality is hitting. She's not a newborn any more. She's seven months old. And so this week I've been sorting through items. Trying to have my heart be ok that she may be the last baby. It's been a rough week for sure.


Deanne said...

It's always sad when you put the caboose on the train. I'm right there with ya... :(

Mama H said...

Awww....THAT newborn smell...INHALE...oh yes, I remember the one.

I'm sending over big hugs, L. Can you feel it? SQUEEZE!

mykids4hisglory said...

LOL! We call our last the caboose too!
It is def. a bittersweet decision/realization! There are things I'll miss but there are things I look forward to!
Hugs to you, L!