Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"You look like a rhino" (The bump)

First off let me say I love my oldest daughter, but she has a way with words.

This past weekend my mom brought me over a large bag of pictures of me. Some from when I was a young girl, but mostly from my teenage years and beyond. So think with me ~ late 80's early 90's. I experimented during that time of my life with all the great hair styles. Perms ~ both regular and spiral. Big bangs. And then of course the classic bump. Had my hair in a 'bump' for my senior pictures. I had perfected the bump! I had great clips to wear in my hair ~ really LARGE ones of course ~ and I wore them proudly.

So as we're looking through the pictures this weekend Lovergirl says to me "mommy in this picture you look like a rhino" Um thank you? (!?!?!?!!!) I started describing to her the bump and how her mother had a great bump and it looked AWESOME (in 1994). I could wear it to dress up, I could wear it with jeans. I could take my bump anywhere! So she asked show me what it looks like. So I did with my hair.
"Huh. Don't do that again."

That my friends was her response. "Don't do that again"

And while I loved the bump, believe me I don't think any of us will do it again!


Mama H said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! I also had a bump (except we called it a PUFF down here in these parts of the state...hahaha)!

And I agree...let's not do that again!! What were we thinking!!!???HAHAHAHA

Country Mouse said...

Come on you daredevil. Scan and post the pic!! You KNOW we want you to! :)

TracyMichele said...

Um.. pictures, please. :)

Mandy said...

You've got to share the pic!