Monday, October 13, 2008

A good coupon day

I love good coupon days. You know the ones ~ when the people behind you have to wait for you to get them all together, and the cashier to scan them and your bill just keeps going lower and lower and lower!
So here's what I got:
3 pks of Gerber 2nd food ~ Banana Mixed Berry (one of Eliza's favorites) $1.19 each ($3.57)
1 small box of fish sticks ~ $1.57
1 small box of uncrustables ~ $2.59
6 bars of Johnson's Buddies soap ~ $1.00 each ($6.00)
1+lb of Maine Mussells ~ $2.24
1+lb of Maine Steamers ~ $4.99
Total of $20.96 cents (not including tax)

Now for my coupons
3 coupons of $1.oo off any item ~ so that made my Gerber baby food 19 cents each!
1 coupon for a free box of that made them free!
2 coupons for $3.00 off any Johnsons Buddies product ~ so my soap was free!!!

So I paid $9.69 for the above!!! WOO HOO!!!! A good coupon day indeed! Thanks Mama H for the Hannaford coupons!


Mama H said...

No problem at all...if I come across any more, I will send them your way! ;)

Deanne said...

It just makes you smile all day long, doesn't it? And then, you smile again every time you use your cheap/free products. :)

mykids4hisglory said...

Great finds!