Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some random things I've observed over the last few days:

An outside wedding on a Saturday afternoon ~ completely normal. At someones home. Completely normal. A white bed sheet hanging as the backdrop with red spray paint "Congratulations brides name and grooms name" Not normal. REALLY? I mean COME ON! I realize it's NOT about the wedding, but about the marriage. At the same time WHAT kind of marriage starts out like that? I realize I live in small town Maine, but not in hickville! People were fairly dressed up (they were at least clothed) and I didn't want to appear to REALLY stare as I drove by (twice). I just can not imagine telling my grandchildren "yeah your grandpa & I got married in front of a spray-painted bed sheet"

There is a someone in the trailer park on the other side of the fence behind us that has chickens. Yes read the sentence again (and no the wedding was not back there). I don't mind that they have chicken. I grew up on a farm. What I do mind is that they don't keep their chickens penned up and they wander under the fence into my yard. Now if they laid eggs in my yard I could COMPLETELY get past the fact that they are pooing in the yard. Free eggs. But that doesn't happen. So do I call animal control? "Um yes there is a chicken pooing in my backyard" I think though I'm going to try to find some chicken wire and string it along the bottom of the fence across the back of our property. Or borrow the neighbors dog.

Tonight I was scanning the ads for craigslist. I REALLY want a dog. REALLY (partly to take care of the above). There was an ad that read "Need people for Dog Adoption Event" I clicked on it to see when the event might be taking place. Never did find that out, but I did find out that they are looking for the following types of people: Groomers, suppliers, Dog Rescuers, Dogs for adoption (hrm...would think you'd already have those) Pet Psychics, Behavior Trainers. Wait...Pet Psychics. REALLY????? There is such a thing as a pet psychic? I mean what exactly does a pet NEED to desperately tell you other then it's hungry, sleepy, needs to go out etc? I mean I just can not imagine taking my pet to a psychic. "Yeah Fido here seems down in the dumps can you tell me why?" "Ah yes...he doesn't like the music you listen to" COME ON PEOPLE! You can't seriously be spending money on pet psychics!!!!


Country Mouse said...

Hysterical... all of it.... :) tee hee hee!!!

mykids4hisglory said...

Love it, Laurie! Wicked funny!!!

Heather W said...

haha....yes the JOYS of living in small town maine!
oh hun you have been with sick kiddos too long ;) we need a girls night soooon!

Mandy said...

Maybe your husband can start a side business of "pet marriages" LOL! I mean, if they have pet psychics, why NOT, right?
All of it is so funny!