Monday, September 1, 2008

In the desert

Last week we finished our Bible Study ~ No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. I liked the study and I hated it all at the same time. It was SOOOO good ~ dealing with idols that I didn't realize I had and I don't really want to deal with. I mean who REALLY wants to admit they have idols? I'm not talking the golden calf sitting on my shelf somewhere. I'm talking more about how I spend hours wondering what mom a thought of me at school this week. Yes, being a great mom can be an idol. I definately am working on getting rid of that idol and replacing it with God. A very good thing. But then there are others I've dusted off and just am not sure I've reached the point where I can toss them out. During the end of the study we compared tossing out our idols vs dusting them off and the Israelites. They were living in the desert and saw the promised land, but also saw what they had to get rid of in order to get there. The decided they'd rather stay in the desert. In some ways I'm content in the desert. Eating manna. I mean I know what it is, yeah milk and honey looks good, but what about that giant wall? The manna comes every day, and I know what to expect. I think though that moving out of the desert into the promised land is a constant battle. There is always something, a part of our life that we aren't giving to God 100%. Thankfully though God gets that and is patient with us.
Eating manna in the desert......

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Minister Mamie L. Pack said...


This is an excellent reminder of something I believe plagues many moms, including myself. I fondly refer to it as the "good mom" syndrome. So many times my expectations of what I believe is a "good mom" is not in line with who God says a Godly mom is to be. I am learning each day to trust Him more and let Him guide me in my parenting. It is a daily walk but I am glad I am not walking it alone.

With blessings,
Minister Mamie