Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling the need

I think its the time of year....all the back to school commercials. The new pencils in my daughters backpack. Staples running their sales. The thoughts of cooler temps. I'm feeling the need to implement a new routine in this house. Two years ago I had a good routine going. I had mapped out on certain days when I would do laundry and how much. When I would mop the floors and dust. How often I would do deep cleaning.

Then we moved
and moved again.

Oh and again.

And then I got pregnant with Trible.

And went on bed rest.

And had a baby

And then came summer.

So yes, it's been two years since I've had a house cleaning routine. A schedule for laundry and vacuuming. An idea of when exactly I'm going to wash the tub.

I'm feeling the need to start that all back up again.

So today I've done every stitch of laundry there is. The last load is in the wash.

Tonight we will put it ALL away.

This week I'm working on my new schedule. Of laundry, and mopping, and dusting and cleaning. Of going to the library with Buddy. Of planning out my days. Life runs smoother when there is routine (at least for me).
Tomorrow night is our last NOGS and then I'll be cracking open my binder and figuring out what we're doing and when. My calender is on the counter and I'm going to write in my cleaning. Write in 'library' and 'kindergym'

Oh let the fun begin :)


Mama H said...

I am a LIST I know exactly what you mean. Routines makes me warm and snuggly on the inside. :)

Country Mouse said...

I love me a schedule! Have I mentioned this before? :)

Heather W. said...

yes, it is time to start a schedule here as well...a shopping trip for the perfect planner is the first thing on the list.