Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Gauntlet has been dropped

This morning Lovergirl went to the school story time. It's run by one of the parents and is open to the students. They specifically send out letters to the kindergartners so that they can start getting familiar with the school, the library and making some friends. So this morning D took Lovergirl. There were about 13-14 kids there and they read a number of stories, put together a little kinex car and some other things. Then the leader talked about the reading challenge and what would count as 'reading'. Then the kids who were there last week talked about how many books they read last week. One girl said 40. Her sister said she read 72. Of course our fiercely competitive little girl piped up "Daddy, do I read that many books in a week?" Oh honey, yes you do. I think she's got it in her mind she's going to outdo this little first grader if it's the only thing she does this summer. She read four books on the way home. (We live 3 miles from the school) The comics count. So does the American Girl Doll magazine (believe me...she checked!)So the paper is on my desk and I'm quite sure she'll be coming to me often with what she's read. I'm thinking while the paper is blank I should scan it in to make copies of it. Or just go get a notebook for her!

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