Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Buddy, today you are two years old! You are growing up to be quite the little boy. Very curious. Very active. Your imagination is spectacular! You are fascinated with ALL things outside, and anything on wheels. Your newest fascination is with "bah-bah". Sometimes that's a dump truck. Other times its a bus. It can also be a cement truck. Either way I think it's a word you use for something you are just amazed to see.
You are the sweetest boy to your little sister. You let me know when she cries (by pointing to me, and then pointing up the stairs!). You are adamant that she MUST have a bink with her at all times. You love to give her kisses.

This week you are definately picking up lots of sign language! We practiced signs tonight. So far you know, More, please, Thank you, Dirty, shoes, socks, cracker, milk, sorry, hurt, doll, cereal, and I'm sure there are a few more that I missing. Oh yeah friend & play :)

You love to play with your big sister Lovergirl. She watches out for you and loves you so much. I think you will be somewhat lost when she goes to school in just about a month.

I've recently 'caught' you doing the motions to my God is so big in the back of the van. That proves to me you are very smart and watching everything that happens. Mrs Picard is proud of you too.

Tonight this mommy may shed a few tears for you are growing up. I don't think I can say any more that I have two babies. :(

Love You


A shy boy while we're singing to him!

Blowing out the candles on his birthday muffin


TracyMichele said...

Happy Birthday Buddy. (wait.. isn't that a quote from Elf? LOL)

Country Mouse said...

Happy B-day little man! You sure are HANDSOME!!! :) LOVE YOU, ANT J AND UNCLE S!!! :)

Mama H said...

Happy Birthday Indeed!!!!!!!