Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dropping one by one

It seems even in summer a little cold can still get the best of us. It all started on Wed when Lovergirl got up and said "Momby, I don'tb feelb vberry good" Um you think? Her nose was SO stuffed up. One down. Thurs morning Daddy got up to leave for his trip...scratchy sore throat. Friday afternoon? Next up would be buddy. UGH. This isn't looking so good. I'm scrubbing things, disinfecting, washing. We picked up daddy from the airport last night and about 9pm my body started giving in. Yep now I've got it. Trible is the only one left. I'm praying like crazy that because she's getting breastmilk that she is immune to it. I mean really we can't ALL get it can we?

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