Monday, May 19, 2008

Nasty Nachos, Mocha Brownies & Iced Hot Chocolate...a weekend recap!

Hrm...lets see...
Fri night daddy had youth ministry and we decided to go in and join him for dinner at the church The kids had fun running around and around and around. I've decided that when we can't get outside for a few days we're heading to the church for laps. They were tired and went right to bed when we got home. It was BEAUTIFUL. Eliza and I then snuggled up on the couch for two episodes of FRIENDS :)

Sat brought some yard work. We trimmed plants, bushes, and cut up wood. See the previous owner for some reason disassmbled everything and piled it up. So there are these giant piles of wood everywhere. Wood that has nails in it. So we have to cut the nails out and then seperate into piles. One gigantic burn pile (which hopefully we can light off on Thurs night!) and then a smaller pile for our little fire pit. It's taking longer than we expected to go thru this wood, purely because of how much is really there. Plus when you get to the bottom of the pile it's starting to decompose. So it's a mess. But we'll have a nice backyard after anothers days work out there.
The 'rents came over and dug up some flowers & plants: Blackberry bushes, Lilly of the Valley, Creeping Myrtle & some other red thing. (Anyone who lives nearby and wants some it's FREE for the taking!!! Come with a shovel & bucket and you can have all you can dig!) We probably would have worked outside longer, but apparently the bugs could care less HOW much bug spray we were wearing and were still biting us.
In the afternoon we went to a graduation party (YEAH SARA!!!) and then home for a quick dinner and daddy went back out for another graduation party (YEAH KATIE!!). Again the kids went to bed tired and Eliza & I snuggled up on the couch until daddy got home.

Sunday brought daddy preaching in Kennebunk and us heading to our own church to hear about Hope House and the work they are doing in the area, and their plans to head to Bejing for the Olympics and run a baby Olympics! It was great information, they just went over by 20 minutes. Now when you are a guest speaker in a church it's almost NEVER ok to go over by 20 minutes. WHY? Because that's what people will remember. That's D's BIG rule when he preaches someplace is to ALWAYS end on time, so they'll ask him back again.
ANYWAY we didn't get home from church until after 1. *SIGH*

It was then that the guys from our small group decided they'd come here and hang out for their guys night. So I made them some Nasty Nachos (they aren't's just the name of the recipe) and Mocha Brownies. UM they were SOOOOO good!!! I'll post the recipes later on, but WOW. Needless to say I'm trying to forget that the rest of the brownies are sitting behind me on the counter.
I also found a recipe for Iced Hot Chocolate and it was SOOOO good I think it'll be taking the place of my favorite Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts. Less calories, WAY less fat, and SO much cheaper!!!!

Now back to reality....laundry to be done, paperwork to fill out and mail know regular mom stuff.

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