Friday, May 16, 2008

Sharing a little too much????

Lovergirl has a habit of sharing lots of details with people. It can be anything from daddy nearly getting her with a shovel-full of snow, to how Trible eats. So today when we went to kindergarten screening I was a tad nervous.

The teacher who did her language screening came out to chat with me after she was done with her. She wanted to meet miss Trible and said she heard all about the new baby *phew* I'm thinking...nothing too horrible was shared!

We get home and we're talking about the screening and it goes like this:
"I told her all about Buddy"
"OH? What did you tell her about him?"
"I told her how he doesn't obey"
daddy pipes in ~ "You know you don't always obey either"

"Yeah well I didn't tell her THAT"

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