Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Line is safe to touch....EVAH

That's what the commercial says right? Monday afternoon when the wind was REALLY kicking up D noticed that a line was swaying in the breeze near our power line that runs from the house to the pole (or the pole to the house). Knowing that no line is safe to touch...EVAH we called the power company and explained the situation. Broken line hanging down. They'll send someone right out.

When they arrived with their big ol bucket trucket the nice man evaluated the situation.
You see right next to the line there is a dead tree standing. A tree that sways in the breeze and was definately swaying this afternoon. It has been suggested NUMEROUS times we cut the tree down. Yeah we know, but it's TOUCHING the power line. Not exactly making us feel safe doing it ourselves. Apparently this nice guy from CMP agrees ~ he doesn't want to come back out here and recconnect the power to the ENTIRE road so...

He asks to drive on our lawn (if you can call it that) and decides he's cutting the tree down himself. He also checks the pole to discover that our line isn't EXACTLY bolted in securely. AND the line really needs to be moved onto the other side of the OTHER tree.

This little boy is mesmerized by the ENTIRE thing

He gets the power reconnected and tells us that line we saw? Yeah that was an old that wasn't connected to anything, and it had grown into the tree. *BLUSH* BUT he said we've clearly paid attention to the commercials. As no line is safe to touch.....EVAH.

In the process of ALL of this we have a maple tree in the backyard that provides a TON of shade for the back side of the house. However the top has a dead spot on it. So while we're all standing on our front lawn watching the above we hear a loud CRACK. D runs out back to see that the top of the tree is starting to break. LOVELY. Five minutes later. CRACK. He makes everyone stay in the front yard. JUST when we sat down for dinner (had to wait for the power to come back on in order to cook) we hear a "WOOSH" and then "THUD" And there on the back lawn is the top of our tree. What our woodpecker will do now I'm not sure.

D & I just laughed and wondered why we wanted to be homeowners.


Country Mouse said...

I love that... "Evah" :) too bad it wasn't CountryDad that came out. He probably would have taken care of the maple for you too while he was there. :)

TracyMichele said...

Seriouisly.. welcome to the world of homeownership! If it ain't one thing.. it will be another. LOL. We have many days when we think, "WOW.. renting really DOES have its perks".

(and thanks.. it took 4 years to get that stupid commercial out of my head.. now it is back!)

~ Laurie said...

I was secretly hoping it would be CountryDad that would come. I was thinking he'd really play it all up for Buddy :)