Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 years ago last night...

I was holding my first baby. Now she's holding the baby....

Dear Lovergirl. You are now 5 years old! WOW! Every day you amaze us with the things you say (like "I determined it!") or how much you help us be a family. I peak in your room at night when you are fast asleep and think back to when it was just the three of us in our tiny apt. You have grown so much! You are a great big sister, and a fabulous daughter. Always willing to help however you can. So energetic, loving and smiling.

You are a great soccer player! You love to play outside and you have quite the imagination!

And now 5 years later we bring home your sweet little sister. The girl you have prayed about for YEARS! Ah so bittersweet to have another sweet little girl ~ but yet when we dress her in your clothes it just reminds us even more how much of a big girl you really are!

We're so proud of you for asking Jesus to come live in your heart! We're watching absorb the Bible, and learn how to pray! You even taught Buddy to fold his hands at the table when it's time to pray (unfortunately now, no one can ever fold their hands b/c he thinks we're praying again!)

We love you
Mommy & Daddy

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Country Mouse said...

Awwww Happy To You Miss!!! Love you lots!!! (p.s. sssshhhhh don't tell the others... you are SO Uncle S's favorite :))