Thursday, April 3, 2008

!!!!!! UPS!!!!

We ordered a pack-n-play for girlfriend to sleep in on the first floor. Seeing mama shouldn't be going up and down the stairs that many times in one day. A cute pink & brown pack-n-play complete with a sun canopy, changing table & bassinet. And while those those 'accessories' will be used for their original intent they will also be used to keep buddy from loading girlfriend up with is toys while she's napping (exhibit a)

So this beloved company that I purchased the pack-n-play from ships it out via UPS. It goes from NY, to NJ. Then to CT. Then to Chelmsford, MA. And there my friends is where it sits. Somewhere in the UPS warehouse/terminal in Chelmsford MA. I call UPS. It's "lost". No KIDDING! I call the company I ordered it from and they call UPS. Yep, it's "lost" (um...that's what I said!!). So they issue a tracer that will take 1-8 business days to complete. If it's not found at the end of the 8th business day then they'll ship me a new one.

Um, I'm sorry, but that just doesn't work for me. So I very kindly explain to the customer service representative from said company that I NEED a pack-n-play and I NEEDED it on Monday when it should have been delivered!!! I can not constantly carry this child in my arms, or in a sling ALL. DAY. LONG. (Even though yes, I'd like to, but lets face it I need to shower, and potty once in a while!!!) So they are shipping me out a second one which should be here tomorrow. It's being shipped via UPS. *SIGH*

Right now I have little faith in UPS. How do they lose a pack-n-play???? It's not like it's an envelope. It's a pack-n-play. It's quite large!! Is there some black hole in Chelmsford MA that just sucks gigantic packages into itself never to be found again?


TracyMichele said...

I have a strangely similar picture of Bean when she was about that age. Meme was 19 mos old and just wanted her to have toys. She, of course, was completely oblivious. :)

No worries on the pack-n-play.. it looks like she is sleeping quite soundly in the chair. LOL.

btw: did you not have a PNP for LG and Buddy?

~ Laurie said...

For LG we had one-floor living so she could sleep in her bed. For Buddy LG was old enough to understand "leave your brother alone"

Country Mouse said...

Love the drill :) Love that he is SUCH a boy! :)