Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week One in in the life of the pastor's family

This Sunday was D's first official Sunday of being the pastor of youth and outreach. BAM he instantly got cornered by a parent of a teen. Now let me say I am not upset AT ALL that someone stopped him after church with a concern. I'm actually quite THRILLED that they did. #1 The parents feel comfortable going to him and talking to him. #2 They are COMMUNICATING with him! HUGE, I tell you HUGE!

However, from here on out I'll be packing lunch for my children to eat on the ride home from church. Crackers are not a good lunch at all.

Friday night is the first night of youth group and everyone seems pretty excited. I'm going to make some munchies to send for the first couple of weeks and then work on a 'snack' list.

I have also decided that from now on I'll be hiding out in hubby's office to feed the babe. I went in the nursery figuring that would be safe. UM NO.... More men wandered into the nursery before church started (and men who do not have children that go in the nursery!) and would carry on a conversation with me. Um....I'm sorta exposed here people! I guess if they don't mind then fine, I tried desperately to keep myself covered by the babe doesn't like to be covered ONE BIT when she's eating. Sooooo from now on up to hubbys office it will be!

The other exciting thing that happened this week is that children's church has been re-vamped a bit. They now have their own worship time before they start their class. All the classes meet together (including Buddy's class...which I must say must be interesting but you need to start teaching them at some point!!) for singing and such. Lovergirl came home singing and singing and singing. M taught them some new songs ~ songs we sing in 'big church' and so she was pretty excited!

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Country Mouse said...

So cute on Lovergirl singing :) LOVE it! :)