Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter wrap-up

Well Saturday proved to be a MUCH better day for me. The flu left and I was able to eat a NORMAL meal. On Sunday we ALL (including me!!!) went to church together. It was nice to be out at church with the family. The announcement was made that hubby is the new pastor of youth and outreach. Miss Lovergirl was ALL excited to get dressed Sunday morning and even posed for the camera: As you can see Buddy is NOT so thrilled with posing....

And yes, she's got the purse, the gloves, the 'pearls' and the hat. (I obviously did not do the shopping!!!!)

No instead he kept trying to get us (and anyone else he came across) to help him get that shirt off. He didn't like the buttons, and he didn't like the collar. *SIGH* He looked so handsome.

Hunting for Eggs was much more fun in the afternoon though.

Buddy found it rather exciting to collect eggs. Especially that he could open them! And so he did! Everywhere!!! We quickly got a container for the 'insides' (fruit rings & animal crackers) and then he'd open his egg into that and dump his egg into his bucket.

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