Friday, March 28, 2008

The Arrival of Miss Eliza

We're settling in with our newest little one. She's napping on my chest right now (her favorite place...and considering she technically shouldn't be here yet...well there she stays).

So to backtrack a bit....On Sunday night I was a tad 'itchy' before I went to bed. My hands, and feet just itched. No other way to describe it. I thought it was dry skin so I put on lotion. When I woke up Mon morning...I was itching even more ~ now my arms, and legs were in on the action!!! My blood pressure was up a 'tad' at home. Nothing that warranted a phone call at least. We all went to the appt figuring it was our 'last hurrah'. Little did we know!!! When I got to the office, the itching was worse. My ultrasound checked out perfect. Baby was practicing breathing, plenty of fluid, etc. (Which was surprising seeing how sick I had been over the weekend!) HOWEVER, when Shirley checked my BP it was higher than it had been at home. She waited and checked it again....EVEN HIGHER. Plus I had some protein in my 'sample'. I looked at her and said "we're having a baby tonight".
Anne wasn't as convinced. She thought everything would be just fine. Now this is coming from a woman who had delivered six babies in the last 5 days. She kept saying "Wednesday, Laurie, Wednesday". However just to be 'sure' she ran labs and sent me home. I ate lunch laying down ~ blood pressure still going up. I took a nap...blood pressure went up. I called the office. Blood pressure going up. At 4pm I noticed my face was starting to swell. That is not good. Just as I finished leaving Shirley the message about my swelling & BP's Anne is calling me. "GET IN HERE" It seems my liver was starting to shut down (what my body does) and we needed to deliver this baby ASAP. So we made the calls and by 5 pm we were on our way into MMC for a delivery between 6-8pm. seems they had an emergency c-section about the time they were ready to prep me and so we got bumped. On the positive note we got to watch How I Met Your Mother :) At just after 9pm I kissed hubby and started my walk to the OR. At 9:30 our nurse Mandy went and got hubby (for some reason the spinal takes a while on for about 20 min Anne was pinching me with tweasers to see if I was 'numb' yet). At 9:41 Miss Eliza Mae was born screaming. They even lowered the drape for me to see as much as I could. It was wonderful. She's beautiful. She was quite the drama queen in the OR, wailing and screaming. They even let me hold her for about 10 min or so before they took her back to our room. I enjoyed that time with her. It was close to 11 before I got back to our L&D room, and it was 1:30 am before we got to our room in the family center...only to find out we had a room mate (the woman who's emergency c-section bumped us!!!).

She's turned into a good nurser over the last 24 hours since we've been home (she's gained 2 ounces since they discharged her!). She's our snuggler. She doesn't cry much (thankfully!) and sleeps well as long as she's close to us. She also doesn't mind Buddy or Lovergirl and their racing around or being loud.


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and she sure is GORGEOUS!!!!

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