Thursday, February 28, 2008

That's my boy

I announced tonight that it was time to eat. Buddy grabbed his cup and ran to the table. He wripped his mittens off and desperately tried to climb into his chair. I swear I fed him plenty today (He ate 4 slices of bologna & a cup of peas for lunch, not to mention the 2 cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the snacks he had).
Anyway I took these pictures (and the video) for T's oldest... The boy will NEVER want to play with Buddy (honestly Meme I insist he is clean...sometimes...)

He refused to take his jacket and boots off...and really some things are not worth arguing about when you are almost 8 months pregnant!

And hopefully this will work :)


TracyMichele said...

*gasp* Worry Not. Meme is armed with a washcloth and a bottle of soap.We will be there momentarily once he puts on his other rubber glove.

I refuse to let Bean watch the video for fear she will use that as "exhibit A" in her quest to eat Cheerios with her hands.

Seriously.. that video stressed me out. ;)

~ Laurie said...

He really does know how to eat with a fork and a spoon....