Wednesday, February 27, 2008

April 9th?????

Yeah cross that date off your calendar!

We have a new date we're aiming for jr mint to arrive. March 26th. Yes it's 3 weeks early. BUT it means we have a much higher chance of not having a Mag baby. So on March 25th I'll report to MMC for an amnio (blech I don't like them, but it needs to be done) with one of the drs from Maternal Fetal Medicine. After the amnio is done I'll come home and be ON THE COUCH. WAITING.
Dr Rainville will call at 6pm that night with results, and if jr mints lungs are developed we'll do the section ASAP. Her goal is to keep me from getting that wretched magnesium that I despise and makes me OUT OF IT. To think I'd be alert for the first 24 hours after my baby's birth would be AMAZING to me.
Overall we had a GREAT appt today. I had gained 1lb. My blood pressure was borderline. I passed the NST pretty quickly. She changed my meds so hopefully we can keep my blood pressure in check. Now we've just got to get baby to grow, grow, grow!!!!


Country Mouse said...

Back to me... IS YOUR MOM going to call me??

~ Laurie said...

Yes, yes she will call you!