Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh we're in SO much trouble

Those were the words my husband spoke to me yesterday afternoon after going upstairs to 'deal' with Buddy. For some reason the boy thinks its funny to not nap on Sunday afternoons. Partly he's SO tired when we get home he just can't fall asleep. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. I even started feeding him lunch on the way home so he could get to bed THAT much sooner.
I'm not sure if it was the 2nd or 22nd time D went up to discipline him for whatever he was doing up there. He literally had one binky in his mouth and his blanket in his bed and THAT WAS IT. We had taken Pablo out (he cried), we took his nuh-night bear out (he cried more). Buddy threw all the other binky's out. He even took his pants off (apparently he finds that funny).

D went up because we could hear him laughing in the monitor. Now before I tell you what was found let me first describe the boys crib to you. The ends are slightly taller than the sides. Not a whole lot, but a few inches. Not once has he EVER tried to climb out. He tries to climb in every night at bed time, but never out.

D opens the door.


On that TALL end of the crib


BALANCING WITH HIS HANDS (basically doing a push-up with his feet stuck up in the air)


I mean really HOW just tell me HOW did he get his feet up there??? He's not THAT tall! And his Legs are so freakin' short its not even funny!!!! Who taught him THAT?

So this week, I'm buying a crib tent. I don't trust the boy AT ALL. I refuse to put him in a big-boy bed. He can't even sit down to eat dinner at night (literally he stands on the foot rest of his chair...sitting...he just can't do) so really what makes me think he'd lay in a bed all night????

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