Monday, February 25, 2008

Egg Rolls & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

That was our dinner last night. Our friend Febe made us a batch of home made Egg Rolls. I had heard rumors about how WONDERFUL her Egg Rolls were. Let me tell you the rumors are true. They were DIVINE. So good in fact that we ate the ENTIRE batch in one sitting. Normally that wouldn't be so bad, but the kids each ate one. D had a 'normal' portion. I finished off the rest. But I'm pregnant so don't go there with me.
Now I didn't know we were getting these when we left for church yesterday morning and to my surprise when I walked into Hannaford and found Strawberries on sale. Sweet! So I picked up two packages with intentions of dipping them in chocolate for dessert. Our favorite 'treat' around here. Ghiradelli makes a wonderful semi-sweet dairy free chocolate and we keep a small supply in the pantry :)
Well I had already promised these wonderful delights in the morning and my sweet daughter reminded me of that fact. So after dinner I sat down and dipped some of the strawberries for dessert. YUM. They were SOOOOO good.

Needless to say after this baby is born I'll be getting Febe to teach me to make Egg Rolls.


Deanne said...

Were they egg rolls or spring rolls? Did you fry them yourself? Man, when they are warm, you can.not.stop.eating them.

I'd be jealous if I hadn't just had my own fix. :)

~ Laurie said...

They were egg rolls and yes I did fry them myself. Which is why I am now out of Vegetable oil so I can't make pumpkin bread with out a trip to the store! LOL
She cooked the insides and then wrapped them (in the neat little way she does) and then froze them. She instructed me to thaw & then fry until golden. I did just that and they were WONDERFUL!

TracyMichele said...

GREAT. Now I am craving Chinese food. :(

Country Mouse said...

Just not doin' it for me. Had Chinese yesterday much to my chagrin... just not a fan. Yucky. BUT... glad that el preggo was happy. That IS important for Jr. Mint! :)

~ Laurie said...

Would it help if I said they were Filipino Egg Rolls?

Deanne said...

Filipino food is different. Trust me on the one. Also, all Chinese food is not created equal. The food really varies by the region of origin. There are many, many kinds of Chinese food. I'll bet we could find something you'd like J! Of course, I still prefer Thai of Filipino. ;) (And am I SO not adventurous with food!!)