Monday, January 7, 2008

Updates, Updates

Update #1. All of Buddy's bloodwork/testing came back negative. celiac, no giardia, no C.Diff, no parasites, etc. However it also means no Soy. So what to do with the 3 cartons of soy milk sitting in my fridge? Seeing that I can't serve it to him AT ALL. We believe he's now developed an intollerance to Soy. We'll know for sure later this week as we'll try a couple of servings of soy milk and see the reaction. However, he's LOVING the Rice Milk, and I'm serving him lots of black olives (today he looked like a little chipmunk with them all crammed in there) and we'll try some avacado and see if he likes that. He's thrilled to be able to eat veggies & fruits again. He screamed about the bunch of banana's that were in the grocery cart this week ~ he couldn't wait to get them paid for so he could start in munching!

Update #2 ~ we are at week 25+ with the pregnancy which is significant because this is when I went on bedrest with Lovergirl. I was happy to show off my ankle bones this morning and the fact that I still have my rings on. Of course the dr was quite pleased :) She did have a hard time chasing the little bugger around to listen to the heartbeat. She'd JUST get it and the baby would roll. And I kid you not she could WATCH the baby roll in my stomach. She got a good 3 second listen before the baby rolled again and she finally said "well it's obvious the baby is healthy...I can see it. That's good enough for me" Then in typical fashion for me I started measuring big today. just about 2 weeks ahead. So that would explain the sheer hunger and exhaustion I've been experiencing...a growth spurt. This is when both Lovergirl & Buddy took off growing and well...they were bigger babies when they were born so overall we're not surprised.

Update #3 - check out (not this minute though b/c I've most likely not added much) You'll find there recipes. The good and the not so good. Tonight we're having pesto chicken & veggies (YUM!) and that is counting as my new recipe for Jan!

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TracyMichele said...

Although I haven't tried it myself, I hear Hemp Milk is also a tastey alternative.