Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the award goes to.....

I think if Buddy could give me an award today this would be the one. *sigh* It is simply one of those days. He doesn't want to behave, I want him to be safe. And so he has been disciplined a number of times, ranging from a simple no, to being placed in his bed because he is carrying on terribly. How dare I not let him empty every DVD & VCR case all over the living room floor? Or climb up onto the table or the hutch for that matter? Or climb under the baby gate and go upstairs to play in the bathroom. GASP ~ what was I thinking? And the one that topped it all off this afternoon. I refused to let him put wood in the wood stove. His little face is stained with tears because I said "no" and took the piece of wood. The HORROR of the mother that I am!
Someday yes, I'm quite sure he will look back on to these days and remember that I let him help me dry dishes (I've never seen a bigger grin ~ and yes it was only the non-breakable ones). Or that I served warm chocolate chip cookies for a snack. Breakfast was his favorite - scrambled eggs and a banana. Or that even tonight I will smother his chicken in pasta sauce & serve with funny shaped noodles.
In the mean time though he apparently isn't happy with me. Thankfully this too shall pass.

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Karen T. said...

Yep, been there done that, and there oughta be a t-shirt or somethin to show for it! Yeah, that's how I got the patience to sew, LOL!!

I am glad to hear you pregnancy is going so well! Soon there will be a happy healthy baby in your arms!

Have a great weekend!
Karen T.