Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life as he knows it.

It occurred to me this morning that life as Buddy knows it is well different from Lovergirl. And not as in she's a girl, he's a boy. More in what he will remember/won't remember because of his age.
First ~ Buddy will never remember living in Buxton. Lovergirl talks about living in Buxton ALL the time. Can we go back to Buxton? (NO). I liked my room in Buxton (I know honey but it had no door on the bedroom). And so on. Buddy will not remember living in Old Orchard either. Lovergirl remembers (and continues to talk about) living at Claudettes. The cats Mumma, and Moses. Sleeping in her red room. No, Buddy's first memory of places to live will be our house.
Next Buddy only knows of digital cameras. He thinks all cameras show you a photo on the back. He likes to see the picture of himself. He only thinks mommy has ever had a laptop. Lovergirl knows some cameras take film and we used to have a big computer.
Buddy also thinks that any time you sit down at the desk you're going to see someone on the laptop. I got a webcam for Christmas so we can talk to family and so now when ever I sit down at my desk he runs to get on my lap and points to the camera. Um...not every time I sit do we see someone!

Buddy will always remember having an older sibling and younger sibling. He won't remember being the 'baby' of the family. Lovergirl remembers life before Buddy. She remembers when he was born (he squeaked...and then he screamed). Buddy gets lost with out Lovergirl around. He loves her dearly. Lovergirl likes her alone time, and is perfectly content to play by herself. Buddy...not so much.

Buddy also won't remember snowbanks this winter taller than him. Or even just the snowfall being taller than him :) Lovergirl on the other hand. I'm pretty sure she prays for more snow each night...

Yes that is life as he knows it.

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