Monday, January 14, 2008


  • It's snowing AGAIN today and so we are home in our jammies. After a busy weekend I think the kids are relieved to not have to go anywhere
  • I think because it is snowing I'm looking forward even MORE to the 72* water temp in Ft Lauderdale next week!
  • We had our first house guests over the weekend - Fred & Carla!
  • Lovergirl invited C to her party. C said yes (apparently). Lovergirl is thinking C is coming to her Hello Kitty Birthday party. I'm afraid she's going to be terribly dissappointed when the day comes and C does not drive three hours from CT to celebrate at a little girls birthday party for all girls.
  • When we told her C most likely wasn't coming she decided A. Julia should come because she is a LOT of fun, and her friends would all just LOVE A. Julia *AHEM*
  • Since we had house guests over the weekend I'm exhausted and needing to put the house back together. It's not terrible but it's not great either
  • I need to start packing the kids clothes to go to FL
  • Shopping for maternity shorts is high on my list this week as there are only 2 pair that fit. UM, that's not exactly going to work for a whole week in FL
  • I despise Sundays when Buddy doesn't nap. Yesterday was one of them.
  • We remembered at 5:30 pm last night that we hadn't brought the wood D split inside. Have I mentioned its snowing again today?
  • Lovergirl has decided to act like either a dog or a cat at random times during the day.
  • The above drives me NUTS
  • Our small group didn't leave until 11pm Thurs night.
  • Have I mentioned I slept in Lovergirls bed Fri night so our house guests could sleep in our bed? The air mattress wouldn't blow up (thankfully it was our problem & not F & K's.) and the futon mattress is like lumpy towels on the floor.
  • I have a pedicure on Thursday so I'll have beautiful toes in FL!
  • Have I mentioned the water temp in FL is 72*?
  • Today I am SO looking forward to a LONG nap.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Miss E.G. that I will do my best!!! ~ Love Ant Julia