Friday, January 11, 2008

It is the simple things

Well in all the commotion of yesterday I didn't get to post a house update. On Wed we had our plumber come to fix a leaky pipe. When D really got under the sink to look at the pipe it was determined that it desperately just needed to be replaced. GREAT. So we called our plumber and he came out Wed afternoon. He took one look at it and went back to his truck. Not only did one pipe need to be replaced but actually 2 did. The dishwasher was not hooked up to code, and was spewing junk out of the hose into the drain (BLECH). I asked him about the LOVELY water filter that was not only broken, but had no shut-off valve. So yep that's right even if we wanted to we couldn't disconnect the dear with out water leaking all under the sink. In the process he turns the water on and says "huh, your faucet leaks" yes, it sure does and my sprayer doesn't work either which drives me nuts. Oh well that'll take me 2 minutes to fix. WHAT? You can fix my sprayer in 2 minutes? YES! And so I am now happy to report that the dishwasher is draining properly, my pipes do not leak, there a shut-off valve to the water filter, which he then took the old one out because it was broken anyway (I'm pushing for a soap dispenser to go in that hole instead!!!!) and MY SPRAYER WORKS! I LOVE that my sprayer works. Rinsing large things off in the sink is SO much easier now BECAUSE THE SPRAYER WORKS. I want to sing from the rooftop I am a happy woman. And that made me realize ~ yes it is the simple things in life.


TracyMichele said...

oooooh.. a soap dispenser would ROCK.

Living without the sprayer is SO frustrating. Since living in this house, we have manage to break 3 (yes 3) sprayers. Luckily they were easy fixes and I did them all myself. Thankyouverymuch. :)

Deanne said...

I MISS MY SPRAYER!!!! No one has one over here. It's a sacrifice I was not mentally prepared to make. ;)