Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A game that would make U. Scott proud

It's no secret around here that mama's snow pants don't fit any more. Or that there is SO much snow that it's hard to play in it for Buddy. So the kids are getting VERY creative. Today they have made up a game that would make U. Scott VERY proud. Golf with large balls & hammers. That has slam dunks in it. I don't quite understand the game (I pretend to for their sake). They are however having the time of their lives. It goes a little like this...one person puts their ball down at the edge of the toy room doorway and whacks it a good one with a hammer. For each time it bounces off the wall it's a 'slammy' dunk. So if it bounces 3 times it's a slammy, slammy, slammy dunk. When the ball stops its the next persons turn. Then they run get their balls and the game starts over again. They are quite creative and if I say so myself have great hand-eye-coordination.

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Anonymous said...

:) You know I will send this link right along to him to scope out :) he WILL be proud! :) ~ Julia