Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I don't make resolutions.....

So happy New Year. What are my New Years Resolutions? I don't make any. I make goals. Goals are something I aim for. Resolutions usually end up broken.
So the goals for 2008:

Read thru the Bible. I'm not sure how I'll break it up, or if I'll even follow a 'reading plan' (most likely not) but my goal is to read thru the Bible.

Next is to try one new meal per month. This one can be slightly frightening because it effects the whole family. I'll be sure to blog about it (probably a sep. blog) where you can find the recipes, what failed, what didn't, and even taking suggestions. Oh and Tracy? Don't try that meatball recipe yet. I'm still working on it. The second batch wasn't much better :(

Third is to have company for a meal once every 3 months. Now here I set some restrictions. Regular attendees do not count. I prefer it to be people that we haven't had over before or in a really LONG while. Who knows maybe you are on our list.

And last is once the dr gives me the A-OK is to jump back on the elliptical again. I SOOOOOO miss working out on it. I know it'll kick my butt when June rolls around, but my goal is be on it regularly again.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like great goals.

TracyMichele said...

We are free for dinner on Saturday. What time should we arrive? teehee.