Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For Julia (You mean you don't?)

Julia & Scott brought over presents for the kids last week. Which BTW everyone who comes thru the door MUST see the ice fishing trap. Needless to say we'll be making a trip to the town hall soon to get hubby's lic. Anyway they were here and somehow (in only ways that can with us) we got on the topic of hubby & I moving our fridge and stove on New Years day EVERY. YEAR. to clean behind it. EVERY. YEAR. Things get lost under there. They disappear. And sometimes yes, sometimes stuff gets spilled. I suspected this year would be particularly bad considering the state of disarray that we walked into when we purchased this house. So we decided to do it last night after the kids went to bed (Yeah, I know we party hard here) The floor was not particularly has horrifying as I expected. It wasn't great, but it surely was not up to my standards. And then we did the second part of this cleaning that well...was just plain old disgusting. DH took the small panel off the back of the fridge (cause yes you are supposed to do that every so often and vacuum) and lets just say for the sake of me not grossing EVERYONE out...he clogged the vacuum more than once. I would venture to say it hadn't been cleaned in oh 7 years. *GASP* My poor vacuum.
It was at that point that my dear husband who was sitting on the sticky floor behind the fridge looked up at me and said "Tell Julia I will only do this for my wife. She's going to have to somehow corral Scott in the house" And so my dear I'm sorry he didn't come over and yank out your stove in fridge. On the bright side it's snowing like mad (AGAIN) and he should be stuck for a few hours in the morning. And I'm pretty sure they'll be storm center music on at 5 am :)

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Anonymous said...

Crap. I still have yucky floors and un-moved large kitchen appliances. But Husband DID have fun ice fishing yesterday! :) ~ Julia