Thursday, January 17, 2008

1:03 AM

You see what happens when one forgets to take her meds before going to bed so she can sleep? One is awake at this awful hour!!! (And NO ONE is on-line to chat with!!! Not even in HongKong...course she's thinking we're all asleep I'm sure!) It's 2:44 am and I'm FINALLY getting tired again. Three hours of sleep was not going to work. So after an hour of tossing & turning in bed I got up. Re-started the stove (it was FREEZING in here!!), took my meds and surfed the web.

Now the meds are kicking in.

I'm going to fill the stove and head back to bed.

All to get up in a few hours and be out the door for 8 am.


Why did I schedule a 9am pedicure??????


Deanne said...

Oh MAN! I missed prime chatting time, but who in the world would be up at 1 in the morning? Oh yeah, the insomniac pregnant sister in law. :)

Anonymous said...

If it is any consolation I was tossing and turning and hovering around that light sleep ALL night, never the deep sleep... (not a fan of the flying part of travel) ~ Have a great trip yourself and we'll "talk" when you get back :) ~ Julia