Monday, December 31, 2007

We've come a long way baby

2007. The year of change. That's at least how I view it. If I had known the changes that were about to happen I might have put a helmet on. Well at least that's how I feel! Windblown!

One year ago, we were contemplating building a house, while living in the ghetto of OOB. Yes I can say that because we broke up a fight in our yard. And on more than one occassion an intoxicated individual would be walking down the MIDDLE of the road.

Now I'm sitting in a house that we purchased ~ no building. However, the renovations that were needed (still working on) were some what extensive! A new roof for one. A new front door. Wripping out the carpeting in the living room. The list goes on and on. I think back to that tiny cramped house we were staying in and am amazed sometimes we made it. We had stuff stacked everywhere. From there we lived with the in-laws for 2 months. We slept on an air mattress on the floor that we picked up every morning. *SIGH*

And then in a 2 week span in July, Buddy had surgery, we celebrated his 1st birthday with a little family party, and signed on our house. YIKES. When it happens it happens fast around here :)

In the midst of all that change though we were growing more than we ever imagined we could or would (or in some cases wanted to!). When God prompts you to do something it's sometimes very difficult. Attending a new church for our family would be the most spiritually rewarding thing we have ever done. Now not that I have more quiet time than I had before. Or that I pray for longer periods. I am more challenged though when I walk out of church on Sunday. We obeyed God and WOW! And honestly we had no idea why God was calling us to Harvest at the time. Yeah there were things/situations that we weren't thrilled with, but you'll find that at any church. And now I KNOW why God called us to Harvest. There is no doubt in my mind why we are there. It's all coming together now. Our small group is growing, we are connecting with people. Ah yes, Gods plan is SO much better than ours! And more change from this one move will be happening in 2008.

And then there's this little babe I carry around inside me. This sweet sweet surprise we learned about in August. I remember the day so clearly. I was a week late (which wasn't the first time) but figured 'eh a test was in order. So on my way home from cleaning I stopped and grabbed one. I snuck it upstairs (as my FIL was here helping with projects) and took it. It changed positive instantly. UM.... WHAT? I kid you not DH & I had just had a conversation the NIGHT before about waiting another year for #3. Um that plan just went out the window. So I wait until FIL leaves. Until then I sneak a call to the OB to change all my appts. And then before the kids are up I spill it. I'm pregnant. For 2 weeks we were in shock. How did this happen (I mean I know how it happens, but how did THIS happen??)? But we are MORE than excited. Again Gods plan is NOT ours and his plan is SO much better. Lovergirl couldn't be more thrilled. AND this baby will be born in the spring and I'll have months to get into a new routine before Lovergirl heads to school.

So yes 2007 ~ the year of change. Some exciting, some painful, but in the end ALL of it is good. :)

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