Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who is making these????

Donnie gets me a subscription to family fun magazine for Mother's Day. I LOVE the magazine. It has GREAT craft ideas in it. One year I found an idea to make place-mats for great-grandparents for Christmas. That year I set to work making them with Emma, and they were a huge hit! The greatgrandparents LOVED that they had these, they were homemade AND inexpensive to make (which was a bonus in my book). This year we found this http://jas.familyfun.go.com/crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11893 ice candle to make. Emma and I talked and thought this would be a great gift this year (along with placemats). So we I set to work on the first one. A Christmas present for my mom. We I had it done last week. Emma decided at the END of my mothers birthday dinner we she was giving it to her early. Um ok...

Now there are 3 great-grandmothers. 2 we I made candles for. Emma picked colors and scents. That's it. I crushed ice, melted wax, poured, pulled off cardboard. After the one for Nana E was done this morning she announced she did a beautiful job....UM WHAT???? Who is making these?

So I just finished up the 2nd one. I choose blue and cinnamon. I may have one more to make if I can get Sam to finish off a carton of soy milk, and I can find the other taper I purchased. If I can't I may just rob it from the one on my dining room table....lol.

Either way when we I wrap these we're I'm signing everyone's names.

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Pics please? ~ Julia :)