Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A list a mile long....

I really don't like the last few days before Christmas when so much needs to be done. I've been planning, wrapping, baking. But now it's crunch time. I'm trying to get things done as quickly as possible with out losing my mind (or sending my blood pressure thru the roof). Some things that are not going as planned:
Lovergirl found out that Nana CAN have candles in her apt so now I have ANOTHER candle to make.
DH is working ALL week this week to make up for the week being unpaid after Christmas. I appreciate his hardwork, but boy could I use his hands around the house.
That being said I have to wash his work clothes more frequently then I had planned so he can work 7 days in a row, and then 2 days next week.
I crossed 'make bread' off my list for this week and went and purchased two loaves of Hannaford Organic dairy-free for $2.59 a piece. Hey time is $$.
I have a dr's appt on Monday which will likely take out 3+ hours of my time. Glucose test, follow-up appt, and ultrasound. Thankfully they are all in the same office, but still. The day before Christmas???? UGH. Unfortunately I have no other choice.
I have ZERO of D's Christmas presents wrapped.
We are not on the same page as to what we are doing Christmas day and it stinks.
We are not on the same page as to purchasing gifts, and that ticks me off.
I'm sick of the freakin' snow. Another foot? PLEASE NO!!!!!!
I wish it would be warm enough (and not snowing) so miss Lovergirl could go outside and play. I fear she may drive me up a wall.
Someone PLEASE come buy the stupid sentra.
I hate putting things on the credit card. It totally sucks.
The oil company hasn't sent us a bill. I have no idea why.
Nordx still billed Buddy's blood work wrong and I'm sick of dealing with it. It's DH's responsibility after Christmas. Granted it's only $23.80, but when they re-test him I don't want to pay for that one too.
We MUST book our hotel in FL ASAP. I have no idea WHY it hasn't been done.
Church stuff is changing fast and I don't think I buckled up for the ride.

I think that's it. I need to go put laundry in and start another candle.

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