Friday, December 28, 2007

Dawn Dishwashing Challenge

I received a 13.5 oz sample of Dawn Direct Foam in the mail to try and out and review. Of course anything free is good :) So I put the 'other' brand in top of the closet and set to work. The first thing I tried ~ my broiling pan. Ok right away not so good. I had to wash it 3 or 4 times. No matter how cheap an item is if it doesn't work, well then I'm not too happy about!
However, for everyday cleaning this stuff rocks! I have a great set of of knives that can not go in the dishwasher ~ one pump on the sponge and viola they are clean. Same thing with my attachments to my kitchenaid (aka black beauty). The thing that may just win me over to the Dawn Direct Foam category though is that the pump locks shut. Yes you read that right it locks shut. In this house that is very important. Why you ask? Well that is because I have a 17 mos old that does not see child safety latches and high places as a deterrent. He'll just pull harder, or get a chair. So the fact that this locks shuts means that it gives me a few more seconds to grab it out of his hands before he starts to bathe himself in it.
Also because you only need a 'pump' (sometimes 2) it seems to last longer. So while initially it may be more expensive when you divide out the number of washing you might just be saving some green. :)

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